Q: What is your best time of day to paint?

The High Line - Barbara's morning commute to the studio

The High Line – Barbara’s  morning commute to the studio

A:  I have always been an early riser and a morning person, from my student pilot days when I’d be at an airport in New Jersey ready to takeoff in a Cessna by 6 a.m., through my days as a Naval officer starting work at the Pentagon at 7, until now when I typically get up before 6 (thanks to my cat, who likes to eat breakfast early).  Always I am most energetic in the mornings so that’s when I am most productive and have my best ideas.  Generally, I try to arrive at the studio before 10 a.m. and work until 5 p.m. or later.

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  1. although I am a late sleeper (unlike your cat, what is his name–where adjustment is due, a turn-over philosophic move) my best hours are morning. It’s when I read at length/depth and write (ideas accumulate in the middle of the night either in sleep or between dream-filled bouts) and then painting begins. Usually at 1 or 2:pm, continuing as long as I can stand, then back to the other reading, writing: along with good food. A fine productive way-of-being. So very good to see you Barbara. I think I’ll paint you.

  2. Wow what discipline you have with my self I work very spontaneous in my studio when the time calls .

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