Q: What’s on the easel today?

Work in progress

Work in progress

A:  I am still working on “Charade.”  This pastel painting has given me so many problems!  In particular, I have not resolved the figure in the middle.  l am not happy with the mouth and the entire figure needs more detail.

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  1. Hi Barbara, we connected 2 years ago. I am an artist living in Santa Fe, NM (and former NYer). My partner, Bill, and I are building a house and I am waiting for my new studio to be ready when the house is built. I would love to read your book and have a comment on your piece above. I love the drama and colors and shadows. The face is a wonderful study of fear and amazement. I would change some of the color and or value of the arms and that would give the expression from the body up a more direct path that would allow the face to have more power. Just my 2 cents. I love looking at good work. I have a blog I have not written on in 2 years called “Abbakiss and the Artist”. I was living in the East Mountains outside of Albuquerque and had a horse, 4 goats, two dogs. I now have one dog now and a partner. What a trade-off. But I am happy and have less interference with my work. Just finished an intaglio/digital Mixed-media piece for a show opening Friday in Santa Fe. Always hope the work will look good when hung. Anyway, happy to see your. Take care. Diane

    • Hi Diane,
      Thank you for being in touch. Lucky you, living in Santa Fe and awaiting a new house and studio. I, too, am an animal lover and am mourning my sweet Kit Kat, who succumbed to complications of diabetes just yesterday. I miss him terribly.
      I appreciate your comments about my work in progress and will think about them as I resolve the problem areas.
      Thanks for your interest in my book. It’s available on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HNVR200 and is an eBook, rather than a hardcopy book. You can download a free Kindle app for any computer or mobile device. I’d love to hear your thoughts once you finish reading.

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