Pearls from artists* # 83

West 29th Street studio

West 29th Street studio

* an ongoing series of quotations – mostly from artists, to artists – that offers wisdom, inspiration, and advice for the sometimes lonely road we are on.

The world can make no response to meet art.  Praise can miss the point as much as a casual remark such as I heard last night:  an impeccably turned-out gentleman bounding up the stairs to the gallery exclaimed over his shoulder, “And now to see the minimalist – or maximalist!”  He had all the relish of a casually greedy person with a tasty tidbit in view; he was on his way to gulp down my life with as little consideration as he would an artichoke heart.

Do I wish, can I afford, in my own limitations, to continue to make work that has such a high psychic cost and stands in jeopardy of being so met?  Do I have a choice?  I do not know.  Neither whether I can further endure, nor whether I can stop.  The work is preemptory.  My life has led me to an impasse. 

Anne Truitt in Turn:  The Journal of an Artist 

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  1. This is so very sad — the way people “gulp down” and spit out the results of devotion and long labor; plus there are the consequences of the ignorant comment, of nailing a thing, of categorizing quite unconsciously and even erringly that becomes yet another missile of destruction. Is this true in any circumstance when the viewer (or user) understands nothing about the work, the history, the theoretic aspects? Insults are thrown around about lawyers, people in the medical profession, journalists, and so on. Mostly there’s a denigration of professional people. And this extends to those who seem to know quite a bit more than the average. And, perhaps. produce on a higher level.

    Something confusing about this quote must be mentioned. That is the sentence “The work is preemptory.” What does she mean by using that word rather than any other? I’d like to see if anyone else can clarify it. A ‘preemptor’ is someone who has initial ownership rights unless I am mistaken. Interesting but confounding usage.

    Then “My life as led” should be, I think, “My life has led…”

    Then the final question is how does one continue on a difficult, lonely road when both minor and major pursuits/destinations fall into several of many realms of frustration, incoherency, denial?

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