Pearls from artists* # 116

Preliminary sketch

Preliminary sketch

* an ongoing series of quotations – mostly from artists, to artists – that offers wisdom, inspiration, and advice for the sometimes lonely road we are on.

What is the point of all the discipline, hard work, and training?  What does the training and preparation have to do with rehearsing a play and with performance?  The training and the discipline and the sweating and the study and the memorizing are not the end point, but rather the entry.  The preparation is what gives one the permission to take up space and make wild, surprising, and untamed choices.  In the quest for artistic freedom and agency it is impossible to walk into a rehearsal room uninhibited, unburdened.  We are generally chained down by habits and assumptions and by fear of the new.  Permission is what we earn by the sweat, training, preparatory work and dedication.

Anne Bogart in What’s the Story:  Essays in art, theater, and storytelling

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  1. Bruce Stonehouse

    Hi Barbara: Thank you for your Posts. Most enjoyable! Your Ford truck caught my interest as I had the same for many years and for the same purpose. Over time I have moved to Ford Focus and more recently Ford C-Max. It means smaller paintings though and the occasional large one I move via Courier. I recently read with great interest “You Are Here” by Chris Hadfield. It is photo journey of the Earth as his lens observed from Space. Knowing your experiences as aviator and artist I naturally thought you may also be interested in viewing. Best regards, Bruce >

    • Bruce, I need my F-150 to last as long as possible because I have no idea what I can replace it with! My large paintings will not fit in newer, smaller trucks and I have no intention of working smaller. I need my truck even to move paintings from the framer to my studio.
      Thanks, I’ll check out Chris Hadfield.

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