Q: Can you describe your entire body of work in six words or less?

In the studio, Photo:  Britta Konau

In the studio, Photo: Britta Konau

A:  Only if I forget what it took to get me to this point!  I remember all too well the long periods of study, hard work, self-doubt, self-nurturing, disappointments, setbacks, risks, focus, drive, discipline, joy, detours, fallow periods, rejections, perseverance, etc. that have gone into sustaining an art career for nearly thirty years.  There are no blueprints and few role models for a successful artist’s life.  (Even the meaning of “success” as an artist is difficult to define).  I invite others, who surely can be more objective, to attempt a summation of my entire body of work in a few words.

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New York Artist Barbara Rachko www.barbararachko.com shares her perspective on pastel painting, photography, and the creative inspiration she finds in pre-Columbian civilizations, mythology, and travel to remote places, like her new favorite destinations, Peru and Bolivia.

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  1. Hi Barbara: Over 25 years ago my Artist Statement consisted of five paragraphs. Today three small paragraphs. When I reference the statement and think about your question to summarize one’s body of work I offer the following: ” Impasto applied with with a passionate intensity and energy of brushwork is woven into each and every creation”. This is the only thing that remains constant in my work and likely to continue.
    Thanks for the article. And a hope your summer is going well in NYC.
    Best regards,

  2. Wow, that question will give something to ponder for a while – Rave On.

  3. 5 words or less? how about: provocative, emotional, colorful, personal, dark.

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