Q: When was the last time you flew? Do you ever miss it?

Over the Gulf of Mexico

Over the Gulf of Mexico

A:  I last piloted a plane out of Andrews Air Force Base in suburban Maryland, some years after I moved to Alexandria, Virginia.  It was in the mid-1990s.

Now and then I miss flying, but my interests have changed considerably and I am much more passionate about art than aviation.  I still love physically being in the air – on an airliner, in a helicopter, etc. – and sometimes I dream about taking a few lessons to become reacquainted with flying small planes again, but I haven’t taken any action.

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  1. Hi Barbara: My last flight as pilot/instructor was about 10 years ago. It was in a Cessna Caravan. amphibian at which time I did a water landing and later landed at the land base.
    I recall it was a very fast AC with wheels up which kept me busy doing pre-landing drill on the downwind. Like you I now enjoy airliner travel particularly on a clear day whereby I draw creative inspiration from Nature’s fine art work on the Earth’s surface below. Do you share this view?

    • Bruce, I certainly do! I love to look at the passing terrain. I never understand why people with window seats lower the shade during daylight hours and miss the amazing spectacle that is happening outside. I’ve seen unforgettable views and taken some great photos through airplane windows.

  2. Ode to the Air and Flight – and being creative

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