Q: Why the chromogenic process above all others?

Mamiya 6 camera

Mamiya 6 camera

A:  First, the cameras that I inherited from Bryan in 2001 were all pre-digital film cameras.  Second, I can make chromogenic prints myself, which cuts down on their production cost.  Third, I love working with my hands and enjoy the process of making prints in a darkroom.  Fourth, I make photographs on days that I don’t go to the studio.  It’s a way to take a day off and still make art, a very productive use of my time.  At the end of a darkroom session I have a new edition of 5 chromogenic prints, ready to spot and frame.

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  1. Oi, eu sou Mateus Askaripour, conhecido mais como Matt, foi convenientemente colocado dentro de uma família de cinco rapazes, em Long Island, Nova York. Obrigado por seu blog agradável.

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