Q: What’s on the easel today?

Barbara's studio

What Barbara is working on today.

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New York Artist Barbara Rachko www.barbararachko.com shares her perspective on pastel painting, photography, and the creative inspiration she finds in pre-Columbian civilizations, mythology, and travel to remote places, like her new favorite destinations, Peru and Bolivia.

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  1. congratulations on your blogging Barbara
    Bali is wonderful – where did you go there?
    did you spend time in UBUD?
    my old haunting grounds

    keep the blog comin’ — i look forward to other postings – ALLi BERMAN

  2. I like “what’s on the easel today”
    that’s a good solid theme to use…
    Selamat Pergi (happy trails in bahasa indonesia)

  3. Douglas Rachko

    Great Blog! I especially enjoy the photos from inside your studio. I’m getting a better understanding of the process you use to make your art. It’s fascinating.

  4. Thank you, Ali and Doug. I enjoy letting people know about my process – it’s self-invented and unique – so what better way than via text and photos in a personal blog?

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